We create innovations within the insurance market.

"We believe that specialised insurance products, agile transactional systems, and sales processes are integral to delivering comprehensive insurance service. We prioritise collaboration with our agents and brokers, delivering innovative solutions that support their long-term success."

Rajmund Rusiecki

Board Chairman Leadenhall Insurance

What is a Coverholder?

A Coverholder is a well-known practice within the insurance market; it supports delegating authority and representing insurance companies' insurance offerings from overseas markets. This model enables Leadenhall to deliver local, unique insurance products in partnership with specialist insurance carriers abroad.
Leadenhall is the leading Lloyd's coverholder* within the Polish market. Collaborating with syndicates, we develop insurance products and supporting terms, design coverage scope, and set premium rates. We organise policy sales, conduct risk assessments, and manage claims settlement. Our strength lies in the reliability and experience of servicing 10,000 brokers utilising our proprietary insurance technology.


lɛ́dənhoːl [LED] + [UHN] + [HAWL]
Leadenhall Market is the name of one of the oldest markets in London. It is located in the heart of the financial district and has been associated with trade and financial institutions for centuries. Due to its unique history, it is often chosen as a film location. Scenes for movies such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Spy, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider were filmed here.

Career in Leadenhall

Choose your path, you can pursue a career in sales or join a team and work on developing innovative insurance products.
"Our value has been recognized by over 8000 partners. Become one of them and set trends in the Polish insurance distribution market."

Tomasz Domalewski

Sales Director in Leadenhall Insurance
"The motto ‘CARE’ perfectly reflects our organizational culture. We carry out projects that impact both our work comfort and well-being. There's always a lot happening with us."

Ewa Zimka

HR Manager in Efinity Insurance Group

"People are at the center"

We adhere to the principle of cooperation in the spirit of mutual respect, trust, and understanding. Above all, we prioritize partnership relationships that recognize the individual and their needs.

Push your boundaries

We are building a place that fosters expressing your own opinion, incorporates different perspectives, and encourages taking responsibility. We shape a culture of curiosity and openness. We believe in inquisitiveness, engagement, and openness.

Responsibility gives freedom

In our place, everyone creates their own story based on shared experiences. We know that failure is ingrained in success - we trust and seek solutions. That's why nobody will give you a ready-made recipe for a career path here.
Leadenhall is part of the Technological-Insurance Group (Insurtech). The group, founded in Warsaw, is constantly expanding and focusing on international expansion.
"Leadenhall has always been a driving force of innovation in the insurance market. From the very beginning, we have been oriented towards modern technological solutions."

Maciej Bud-Gusaim

Board Chairman Efinity Insurance Group