Reporting a claim

Report your case in a way convenient for you. By filling out the contact form below, reporting the case via email, or directly contacting our Claims Department by phone.

Our team will contact you soon and let you know about the next steps.
When damage occurs
Kiedy wystąpi szkoda


Report the case conveniently through our form, by phone, or by email.
As fast as possible or within a maximum of 7 days.
Najszybciej jak to możliwe lub maksymalnie do 7 dni


The case officer will contact you via email and provide information about the required documents and next steps.


We will collect the necessary documentation regarding your claim.


We will analyse the received documents. If necessary, we will contact you for further information.
Within 30 days from reporting the claim or 14 days from submitting the complete set of documents.
do 30 dni od otrzymania kompletu dokumentów

Claim decision and communication

We will send you the decision either by email or traditional mail.

Reporting a claim

Describe your case within the form below, and our team will contact you as soon as possible.
You will find the policy number on the first page of the insurance policy, for example, "Policy No. LHC0000000."
Briefly describe what happened, including the date and circumstances of the incident, as well as what caused, for example, a period of incapacity to work.

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