Are you a doctor? Check out how to secure your income!


How to insure a doctor's income? Discover insurance solutions for doctors and protect your earnings from unforeseen circumstances. In the article, you will learn about the amounts you can insure and the benefits of insurance at Leadenhall. Don't risk losing your income due to an accident or illness - read the article and find out if it's worth purchasing an insurance policy.

Many years of studying, specialisation, courses, training... To become a well-paid doctor, it takes hard work and time. But it only takes a moment to lose the ability to practice due to an accident or illness. We explain how a doctor can insure themselves against loss of income.

From this article, you will learn:

  1. How much do doctors earn?
  2. How often do we become unable to work?
  3. What does the Leadenhall Medica policy protect against?
  4. What sums can you insure yourself for?
  5. What are the key benefits of insurance for doctors at Leadenhall?
  6. When will you not receive compensation?
  7. Is it worth buying Leadenhall Medica?
  8. "How much will I pay for insurance?"

How much do doctors earn?

In 2020, doctors were the fourth highest-earning occupational group in terms of salary in Poland (source: GUS). However, the earnings of doctors in Poland vary significantly. Different amounts are listed in contracts at extensive private medical facilities, while completely different figures are found in agreement sat small county hospitals. The salary level also depends on the prestige of the specialisation, additional benefits, and compensation for on-call duties(in some cases, up to 300 hours per month).

According to Sedlak & Sedlak data from 2021, a specialist in general surgery working at an institution employing 50-249 people can potentially earn an average gross salary of 10,030 PLN. As calculated by experts from the Federation of PolishEntrepreneurs, the increase in minimum wages from July 2023 will raise the basic salary for a specialised doctor to 9,935.09 PLN.

On the other hand, analysts from the Polish Economic Institute estimated the average income of doctors to be 25,300 PLN per month back in 2019. This latter figure seems closest to the truth regarding the industry's earnings. Now, what is the statistical likelihood of losing your earning potential?

How often do we become unable to work?

In 2021, theSocial Insurance Institution (ZUS) recognized 179,508 individuals as unable to work or support themselves (with 26% being completely unable to work). This means that statistically, nearly 11% of employed Poles lose their ability to work for a living within a decade. According to ZUS data, injuries account for only 7% of the total causes of complete work incapacity (the number of workplace accidents in 2021 was 68,777).

The majority of causes of incapacity were:

  • musculoskeletal,     muscular, circulatory, and nervous system disorders (46% combined),
  • mental     disorders (18%),
  • cancer     (14%).

The ZUS disability pension granted to individuals recognized as entirely or partially unable to engage in gainful employment due to their health condition amounts to PLN 1588.44 in 2023

Compare this to the data mentioned above regarding earnings in the medical industry. The difference is evident at first glance – if you lose your ability to work, you will receive only a tiny percentage of your average medical income from ZUS.

The solution is the Leadenhall Medica policy – income loss insurance. Thanks to its structure, you can guarantee compensation for lost gross earnings in exchange for only about 1% of their annual amount.

What does the Leadenhall Medica policy protect against?

Leadenhall Medica is an insurance policy that protects doctors (regardless of their specialisation) in the event of loss of income (earning capacity) due to total temporary or permanent incapacity to work due to illness or accident. Importantly, it refers explicitly to losing the ability to work as a doctor, not the inability to work in general!

The precise coverage provided by Leadenhall Medica may include benefits for:

  • Loss of income
  • Death due to accidental injury
  • Disability
  • Infection with hepatitis virus

You also have various additional clauses to choose from, such as:

  • Hospital     benefits
  • Permanent     disability
  • Adaptation     to life with disabilities.

What sums can you insure yourself for?

If, after an accident or due to illness, you are unable to work in your profession, but there is a chance of returning to your occupation, you can receive up to 65% of your previous gross income for up to 2 years (calculated based on the average from the 12 months before the incident). Your policy can cover a sum of up to10 million Polish zlotys for lifelong incapacity to work in your profession, death, or disability resulting from an accident.

Remember that you can easily adjust the insurance amount to your earnings and financial situation.

We can provide coverage even while engaging in extreme sports.

When won't you receive compensation?

Before agreeing, you don't have to complete a medical questionnaire or undergo any tests.However, please remember that certain diseases and consequences of accidents treated or consulted with a doctor before the insurance agreement was concluded are excluded from coverage.

In specific situations, the insurer may protect you despite existing conditions. However, the following are permanently excluded:

  • Conditions related to progressive degeneration of the spine, joints, or bones,
  • Mental and nervous disorders,
  • Venereal diseases and those associated with HIV (excluding the extension of     benefits in the event of HIV infection related to professional     activities).

Is it worth buying Leadenhall Medica?

Definitely, yes, because you get the following:

  • a comprehensive range of coverage options that allow you to tailor your     policy to your needs,
  • a complete sense of financial security, even if you earn a high income from     your work as a doctor.

Let's check it out with a specific example:


An established surgeon was working on a contract basis. The main breadwinner of the family -financing children's education, paying off a mortgage, and leasing a car.


  • Complicated metacarpal bone fractures in an accident
  • A 9-month hiatus from work due to a series of surgical procedures and rehabilitation


  • He needs 10,000 PLN per month to cover his family's current needs


  • For the loss of income due to temporary disability from an accident and illness,     you can receive up to 50,000 PLN per month for up to 60 months.

"How much will I pay for insurance?"

It all depends on your income and the coverage you choose. For example, a guarantee of receiving 10,000 PLN per month for up to 2 years would result in an annual premium of approximately 2,400 PLN. As a rough estimate, the premium is usually around 1% of your gross income.

Are you looking for broader coverage? Contact us - we will help you find an agent who can tailor an offer to your needs.



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