Insurance Holiday: new strategy and world premiere of the next installment of the Leadenhall Insurance transactional system.

Leadenhall Insurance

"Together we are shaping the future of insurance" - under this slogan, a long-awaited meeting between Leadenhall Insurance and representatives of the company's sales network took place at the atmospheric Fabryka Wełny hotel in Pabianice."

Leadenhall Insurance, a coverholder for Lloyd's, celebrated its 13th anniversary in the company of its closest intermediaries. The gathering was also an opportunity to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Efinity, a company that Leadenhall has been associated with since its inception.

Interestingly, the same event was supposed to take place in 2020 when the company celebrated its 10th anniversary. However, the plans were disrupted by the pandemic, but the company patiently waited to realize them at a later date.

-And it's great that it was postponed because I can be here too- joked Rajmund Rusiecki, Vice President of Leadenhall Insurance, who opened the meeting with his speech. He presented the changes already taking place within the organization and inspired others to be creative in their work, break away from conventional thinking, and continuously develop themselves.

Changes in structure and a new strategy

- Leadenhall Insurance has been operating for 13 years, with over 100,000 specialized policies issued, 795 agency agreements, and 534 collaborating brokerage firms. It also represents a defined set of values, a business approach, and ambitious development plans for the coming years that we want to and will implement together with intermediaries," said Tomasz Domalewski- Head of Sales at Leadenhall Insurance, addressing the gathered guests.

During his speech, Rajmund Rusiecki presented the most important changes in the group's structure, now officially under the name Efinity Insurance Group. Leadenhall and Efinity have successfully operated in the most developed markets in Europe and Asia for years, gaining trust, recognition, and visibility. Today, as an Insurtech Powerhouse, they enter the market, presenting a cohesive development strategy based on an integrated business model.

- Today, Efinity Insurance Group connects all our competencies and years of experience- said Rajmund Rusiecki. - The synergy of the combined forces of EIG companies enables us to implement further bold ideas that imply fundamental changes in how the ecosystem operates. Already today, we are introducing unprecedented end-to-end products, providing our customers with an unprecedented scale of competitive advantage- he added.

Leadenhall Insurance System - a new quality in policy management

During the meeting, the Leadenhall Insurance System (LIS) also had its pre-premiere, a new transactional system created by Leadenhall and Efinity. The presentation of LIS was led by Tomasz Domalewski- Sales Director at Leadenhall, and Marcin Chałotowski- CTO at Efinity.

The new version of the system strongly supports the strategy and sales process. It places a significant emphasis on customer engagement and relieving the intermediary. This is a distinct feature among the systems already functioning in the market in Poland and globally.

-Agents are not paid for advice, but for selling policies - said Tomasz Domalewski during his presentation. - Leadenhall minimizes administrative tasks to respect the intermediary's time while providing more space for cross-selling and up-selling. We believe the product sold is not just the policy or terms and conditions. He added that the product is the entire process and requires an appropriate, holistic approach.

Leadenhall Insurance System has a transparent, user-friendly, and modern portal-like appearance. It enables real-time communication with the client and collaborative work on preparing an offer. LIS operates omnichannel, supporting communication efficiency and the "policy-making" process. Furthermore, the salesperson can determine whether they feel confident in Leadenhall's products and whether they want to sell them through the so-called short path or be supported by the advanced capabilities of the transactional system, including marketing automation and AI.

-We have noticed that agents spend much of their time not selling due to existing regulations and inefficient tools. Leadenhall Insurance System is designed to help them work much more efficiently because it takes care of many tasks on their behalf or allows them to be delegated to the client - explained Tomasz Domalewski.

The new system allows salespeople to share sales processes with clients quickly and gives both parties greater control over purchasing, even for more complex insurance products. The buyer and the seller can observe and go through the necessary steps to conclude a policy within LIS. The client can fill out the application and medical questionnaire independently or seek assistance from the salesperson. In turn, the intermediary receives powerful support through real-time monitoring of the insured's actions and a fast communication channel with their client.

Awards and Distinctions

The Leadenhall event in Pabianice was also an opportunity to present awards to the best sales partners of the company, awarded in four categories: Top Agency, Top Salesperson - income loss insurance line, Top Salesperson - D&O insurance line, Top Salesperson - life insurance line, and Top Salesperson - professional liability insurance line.

The event was not without interesting anecdotes from the beginnings of cooperation and the history of striving to be among the best, which Tomasz Domalewski delighted the present guests with. In return, as was heard in the corridors, many kind words were heard about Leadenhall and the company's products, which are not prominent and easy but bring great satisfaction.


Leadenhall Insurance

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