Professional liability

Whatever you do, work without worry. Mistakes in operations, costly oversights, or violations of personal data protection rules are risks known to every industry.
Professional liability insurance for over 250 professions.

Over 250 professions

High limits

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Is this product for me?

Choose this policy if you provide professional services under an employment contract, a work contract, a commission agreement, or if you offer services based on B2B contracts and agreements. If your profession is not subject to mandatory insurance but you want to ensure protection as a specialist in your field.

What does this policy provide me with?

Under the policy, the insurer takes on the financial consequences of claims up to a value of even 2 million PLN. The minimum price for annual coverage starts from 475 PLN, depending on the nature of the business, income, and the amount of coverage.

The basic coverage variant includes professional liability for conducting professional activities - that is, errors made during work performed under a written agreement of any kind. The policy is extended to cover defense costs, investigation, or settlement in relation to a brought or potential claim. This also includes defense costs in criminal, fiscal, or administrative proceedings. The insurance also covers the following situations and errors: breach of confidentiality and intellectual property rights, defamation, slander or libel, as well as loss of documents.

How can I tailor the coverage to my needs?

You can create the best insurance by choosing Sections I and II of the policy. A solid foundation in Section I will provide maximum protection of up to 2 million PLN for professional liability, including costs of lawyers and tax advisors in the event of a tax inspection. Additionally, in the case of violations of GDPR regulations, within Section II, we will cover the costs of proceedings and administrative fines, as well as the costs of responding to an IT incident related to the leakage of confidential data or the action of malicious software.

What do I gain?

You will obtain comprehensive protection, up to 2 million PLN, tailored specifically to the nature of the services provided, including unique additional clauses protecting against claims for breach of confidentiality or loss of documents and data.

The prestige of the Lloyd's Insurance Company policy, reinsured in the Lloyd's Syndicates - the oldest insurance institution in the world.An online agreement, signed electronically, without the need for personal contact.

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