Remote onboarding of a new agent

Onboarding –   The process of integrating a new agent into a company consists of :

- The submission of necessary documents, providing essential data, or obtaining legally required qualifications/credentials, such as KNF examination.

- The familiarising with company procedures and processes, conducting an introductory training.

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Remote Onboarding*

allows you to independently enter your data and attach the necessary documents to qualify you for the KNF examination, which authorizes you to distribute insurance from Leadenhall's offering.

KNF Examination

the KNF examinations take place periodically, and after completing the onboarding process, you will receive information about the date of the next nearest examination.

LIS System Account

Upon passing the examination, you will receive an account in the transactional system used for preparing offers, policies, and other insurance documents.

Training and Development

We regularly organise training in sales techniques, product specifics, and the use of the LIS system.

You decide what you want to sell

You have the opportunity to collaborate in both or one selected area

What do you gain?

Don't know our products?

No problem. Before the KNF examination, we organize regular remote training sessions to prepare you for it stress-free. The training covers system operations and the range of products we offer.

We are here for you

We provide continuous support from a Sales Regional Director at every step of the collaboration. We also provide marketing materials.

Everything 100% online

From signing the contract to creating a policy, you can handle everything with us without paper and the need for printing.

Start selling

Complete the form and our team will contact you
and provide you with access to the transactional system.

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