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What does the process look like for a new Broker?

Upon completion of an application with your Broker credentials, you can practically obtain Leadenhall trading access system right away.

As a Broker partner, you will receive dedicated support and regular product training.

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LIS system account

After verification of your application, you will receive an account in the trading system and can start working.


We regularly organize training sessions on product specifics and how to use the LIS system.

It's up to you what you want to sell

The possibility of cooperation across both or one selected area

What do you gain?

Don't know our products?

No worries. We organize regular online training on the products we offer.

We're here for you

We provide continuous support from a Sales Regional Director at every step of the collaboration. We also supply marketing materials.

Everything 100% online

You can handle all matters with us, from signing the agreement to creating a policy, without paper and the need for printing.

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Fill out the form, and our team will contact you and provide access to the transactional system.

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Broker support

"The distribution of Leadenhall insurance is an expansion of the client portfolio with specialists and companies, which increases commission."

Łukasz Paćkowski

Director of Sales for Brokers