An insurance policy for those who have technology and security written in their genes, but know that every system can be hacked.
Information security protection.

Lloyd's quality

Broad Coverage

Coverage up to 5 million PLN

This product is right for you if:

Your business crucially depends on technology and you provide services based on data entrusted to you by clients and colleagues.
You understand the consequences of the fact that every system can be hacked, all data can be stolen, and everyone can be manipulated.
You feel the uncertainty related to the demands of the law and the scale of penalties imposed for security and data protection violations.

What you get:

The policy will cover the financial consequences of any data and system security breaches.
It will also pay the costs of legal defense and any damages arising from data protection breaches (GDPR), including the regulatory proceedings of the Polish Data Protection Authority (PUODO) and the resulting penalties.
The policy will ensure you get real assistance and cover the costs of IT incident response.
You will be protected against cyber-extortion, e.g. as a result of ransomware attacks.
We will refund any profits lost as a result of downtimes, as well as money used to counteract sociotechnical attacks.

How to customize your policy:

Pick the right set of insurance sections. A solid core of sections A to D will provide maximum protection against civil and administrative liability.
We will also cover the costs of IT incidents, such as data leaks, hacker attacks, malware attacks, as well as other necessary reputation and PR activities.

Tailor the policy to your needs by adding sections E to G and:

  • protect yourself against the consequences of copyright violations or breaches of any other third-party rights in the multimedia sphere (e.g. social media),
  • refund the costs of cyber-extortion,
  • cover the profits lost due to an IT incident and the costs of data recovery,
  • cover the payment of penalties imposed for PCI DSS violations,
  • cover the loss of profits or goods as a result of sociotechnical attacks.

The benefits:

A comprehensive protection (up to 20 million PLN) in the field of cybersecurity and data protection.
Organization and cover for the external costs of IT incident response, such as e.g. computer forensics, reputation and PR campaigns.
A prestigious policy issued by the Lloyd’s Insurance Company and reinsured by Lloyd’s Syndicates, the world’s oldest insurance institution.
A convenient online offer, based on basic information.

Sounds interesting?

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