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A civil liability insurance policy for management professionals.

Lloyd's quality

Broad Coverage

Coverage up to 50 million PLN

This product is right for you if:

You sit on a management board or a supervisory board, or play a key role in a capital company, regardless of employment type.
You play a similar role in a foundation, association, cooperative or healthcare center, which makes you personally liable for the consequences that your decisions may have for your members, shareholders, stockholders, and investors.
You assume the risk of managing a newly established entity.

What you get:

The policy will cover the costs of legal defense in courts at any level, as well as the costs of any damages and compensations that may arise from your errors or omissions as a management member.

Many insurance cover extensions:

  • bail costs,
  • reputation costs,
  • civil and administrative penalties.

The insurance will cover the costs of the entity’s legal defense and any damages payable for labor rights or securities trading violations, so that it may drop all claims against the management.

How to customize:

Pick the insurance clauses that you need; add any clause from C to G to the obligatory core of A & B and standard extensions.

Tailor your policy to the specific needs of the entity, e.g. to cover any claims related to:

  • legal protection,
  • employer violations,
  • benefits program management (such as the Employee Capital Plan, PPK),
  • securities issuance,
  • document loss,
  • the jurisdiction of the United States.

Take out a retroactive insurance policy to cover any claims related to prior events that you were not aware of when signing the agreement.

The benefits:

The policy will pay for the best law and tax law firms, making it more likely that any claims against you will be dismissed – or it will help you win the case in court; in the worst-case scenario.
You will protect your personal property; the policy will take over the burden of your E&O liability.
You will protect not only your own property, but also that of your spouse and heirs.
You will get a prestigious policy issued by the Lloyd’s Insurance Company and reinsured by Lloyd’s Syndicates, the world’s oldest insurance institution.

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