Loss of income

Drivers Casco

A policy for those who love to be on the move – to help them when they need to slow down.
A road accident insurance scheme, including a work disability pension.

Transparent conditions

Exclusive Coverage

100% online agreement

This product is right for you if:

You are a driver, motorcyclist, biker or lover of e-mobility.
You are a passenger or pedestrian.

What you get:

You will be able to maintain your standard of living even if you suffer a road accident.

Your finances will be bolstered by insurance payouts in the event of:

  • total and permanent work disability,
  • temporary disability (monthly pension),
  • hospitalization or home recovery,
  • a state of coma.

Your family will be supported financially if you die in a road accident.

How to customize your policy:

For the best cover, choose one of the following three packages:
Package Basic, Package Solid, Package Comfort

  • Insurance benefits
  • Pension
  • Death and permanent disability
  • Hospitalization
  • Coma

The benefits:

An extra peace of mind thanks to an additional auto casco and third party liability insurance.

Unique payouts in the event of total disability:

  • a monthly pension for temporary disability
  • a high lump-sum payment for permanent disability

A prestigious policy issued by the Lloyd’s Insurance Company and reinsured by Lloyd’s Syndicates, the world’s oldest insurance institution.
An online contract, available in a matter of minutes.

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