Leadenhall Life VIP

You have planned ahead and worked hard – you can now sit back and watch your capital grow. Protect the fortune you have made.
A high-sum term life insurance policy.

Broad Coverage

Minimal list of exclusions

Coverage up to 10 million PLN

This product is right for you if:

You have achieved the professional and business goals you set yourself years ago and want the fruits of your labor to serve the future generations.
You are professionally active and under 70 years old.
You understand the need for a high-sum insurance policy to guarantee the succession of the estate, protect partners, and cover any liabilities related to investments, loans, and debentures.

What you get:

Extraordinary payouts, up to 10 million PLN, if you die of any cause.
No exclusion clauses, except those required by the civil code/related to military conflict.
A flexible division of benefits among the beneficiaries.
Great comfort and confidentiality during the contracting process and medical testing.

The benefits:

A guaranteed payout – the policy is reinsured by the Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
A single policy to cover many needs.
The confidence that the price of the policy represents its true cost.

Sounds interesting?

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